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Four Great Reasons to Donate!

First, A Taylored Heart Foundation is an IRS qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization, incorporated in the State of FLORIDA. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with applicable tax laws. Both a business or an individual can reap the many significant tax advantages.

Second, many donors seek opportunities to improve their public image. Donations to a charitable organization, such as A Taylored Heart Foundation, allow businesses or individuals to demonstrate to the community that they are actively involved in helping others. This, in turn, gives a donor favorable publicity and generates greater interest in the social value of helping others.

Third, A Taylored Heart Foundation is a program with a tangible net social impact. Many of our donors and potential donors are very committed people, which would prevent them from personally participating in a program of this nature. A Taylored Heart Foundation allows businesses or individuals to have a social impact in an effective and organized way through A Taylored Heart Foundation programs and community.

Fourth, A Taylored Heart Foundation needs your effort in making this change. The Foundation’s culture is one of a united front against poverty. As a result, the change that we will affect will be felt for generations. You can be a part of this advancement process. With your help (donations and contributions), this program will affect change in hundreds of less privileged children in our society. We also would like the opportunity of your being a visual (marketing) part of this change process by recognizing your valuable effort in helping others. In addition, you will become a member of an elite network of philanthropist bent on helping others. This presents opportunities for you to meet people of like mind.


ATHF internship program provides college students with hands on experience in a fast paced, entrepreneurial non-profit organization. Interns may work in a number of different departments during their internship in order to gain a well-rounded perspective of the organization. ATHF hires approximately eight interns for each academic semester and summer. Internships are unpaid and may be either full or part time. Course credits may be available so please check with your academic institution. We have partnered with Florida Atlantic University Service Learning.

What are we looking for in an intern?

Interns should be interested in gaining an understanding of the basic mechanisms of non-profit organizations and working with under served children. The business aspects play a role but also the development and aid to the youth we serve is a primary focus for any intern. Candidates should have excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to work on multiple time-sensitive projects simultaneously.


Proficiency in Word and Excel and strong attention to detail is required.


How do I become an intern?
If you are interested in applying to ATHF as an intern please email resume and cover letter to:

James Taylor
A Taylored Heart Foundation


From time to time ATHF has a need for a selected few volunteers on projects throughout Palm Beach County. Computer literacy and a minimum commitment of eight hours per month are required. If you are interested in joining ATHF as a volunteer please email resume and cover letter to:

James Taylor
A Taylored Heart Foundation


  • Jump ropes assorted 50

  • Basketball shoes (youth assorted) 100

  • Basketballs 50

  • Cleats (assorted youth) 100

  • Soccer Balls (assorted) 50

  • Footballs 50

  • Deluxe Flag Football for 1230

  • Heart rate monitors-Time x 50

  • Stop watches 30

  • Whistles 30

  • Laptop computers (3G or higher) 6

  • Efficient printer 1

  • Phone system 8

  • Printed t-shirts 1000

  • Large classroom size white board 1

  • Office space (1700-2500SF) 1

  • Gym facility (big enough for 4 full basketball courts)1

  • Office furniture 1

  • Conference room table & chairs 1

  • 55 Passenger vehicle 1


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